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About Us

We are an anti-telespam task force.

In 1991 the United States passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) making most robocalls and spam calls illegal. The TRACED Act further intensified the fight against spam calls. However, the telemarketers behind those calls are doubling their efforts, and becoming more devious in their strategies. In the last two years, Americans have received over 100 billion spam calls selling extended car warranties, health insurance, medical devices, loans, dangerous prescriptions, and more. In most cases these are scams, and their schemes often target the elderly and the desperate. Legitimate charities are also suffering because people are more suspicious of making donations. Americans are scammed to the cost of nearly $10 billion annually. It is time to stop them.

There are tools to help combat these scams: spam blocking apps, the national ‘do not contact’ list, and phone carrier services. These resources can be helpful to individuals who know how to use them, but the targeted victims are mostly unaware of them. That makes the telemarketers job even easier to defraud the vulnerable.

Our team has created an effective program working with the government and the general public. We have access to tools that are usually only available to government agencies and large corporations. We have a research team that is in step with the technology used by telespammers. We are developing more tools to more effectively assist everyone. Our work and our mission is to eliminate this threat to society.

Our specialties:

  • Identifying scams and other telecommunication criminal activities.
  • Identify the companies behind the scams.
  • Developing tools to assist individuals to fight back against scammers.
  • Developing services to help individuals monetize their efforts against telespammers.
  • Lobbying for regulations that effectively protect the public from telespam, and to protect their privacy.

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